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19th December 2008 - Call for applications
31st January 2009 - Application final deadline 24:00 CET

Applications Closed!

Online Application Form

Applications Closed!

This form expects to be an easy and simple way to prepare your application, allowing you to introduce progressively the details and information required.

You must start creating your application form by setting your LOGIN and your PASSWORD. From the beginning, you have to choose the type of scholarship for which you want to receive the support of the Programme: Undergraduate, Doctorate, Post-Doctorate, or Academic Staff. The application Forms are available in English and Portuguese. However, and considering that there are partner Universities from 8 different countries, the application form must be filled in using the English language, so that the given information may be understood by the 3 selected Universities. For the same reason, all the documents attached must be in English. If your home Institution does not provide the requested documentation in English, please contact the contact person in your University, who will help you to find the best way of providing the English version of the documents.

Before starting fulfilling the form, read attentively the Guidelines for Applicants 2008.


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